PUTAJ- Humanities and Social Sciences: A Ten Years Bibliometric Analysis


  • Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Peshawar
  • Dr. Shehzad Ahmad Assistant Professor and Librarian, Edwards College Peshawar
  • Mr. Rehmat Elahi MLISc Student, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Peshawar


The Peshawar University Teachers Association Journal (PUTAJ) is an HEC recognized journal published by the University of Peshawar since 1993/94. This study examined 276 articles published in PUTAJ-Humanities and Social Sciences during 2007-2016 in its 10 volumes and 13 issues using bibliometric analysis. For this purpose, standard bibliometric features including authorship patterns with the amount of productivity, organizational affiliation, collaboration, and country of origin were analyzed. In addition, the topics and year-wise distribution of articles, number of citations appended, and the number of pages per article published in the journal were also analyzed. For determining the subject of the articles the keywords given in the abstracts of the articles were used. The data was collected directly from the articles and entered into a database that was formed in MS-Access. The reports were generated with the help of a database according to the objectives of the study and then the data were transferred to MS-Excel for calculating percentages. The findings revealed that the majority of authors (65.58%) contributed one paper in PUTAJ-Humanities and Social Sciences either individually or in collaboration. The number of multi-authored papers was high with 216 (78.24%) papers out of 276. The researcher from the University of Peshawar published the maximum number of papers (67.78%). The highest number (99%) of authors belonged to Pakistan. In foreign contributions authors from Malaysia were on the top of the list with 0.45 percent, followed by authors from Canada with 0.15 percent. Education, English, Economics, Psychology, and Library and Information Science were the most main subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences in which articles have been published with a total of 53.23 percent. Approximately 28 articles have been published per year.