Current Status of Emerging Trends in The Universities Libraries of Pakistan


  • Aisha Gul Library of Congress, Islamabad
  • Engineer Qaisar Jamal Assistant Professor, CECOS University Peshawar


Emerging Technologies-Libraries, Modern Libraries-Pakistan, Current status- emerging trends-university libraries


This study is descriptive in nature, survey-based approach is adopted to achieve the objectives of the study. This thesis explains the current situation of emerging trends in the form services and resources in private sector university libraries of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The adapted questionnaire was used for acquiring data from the in-charge librarians of Eleven Private Sector Universities Khyber Pakhtunkhwa /Degree Awarding Institute recognized by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC). Findings of the research work show that the only three libraries were well equipped and using modern trends beside the conventional setup. While in further discussion, it reveals that lack of financial resources is the major barrier to implement emerging technology in university libraries. Some of the libraries have lack of professional and skillful staff which is another hurdle to introduce modern technological based services and emerging resources in university libraries. The distribution of separate financial plan for emerging technologies and trends, hiring of qualified and technological skilled staff , arrangement of training and user education programs, provision of the power supply Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) generators, high-speed internet connections, implementation of  updated  hardware and software as per HEC requirements to fulfill  library need and measurements, should be given top priority for enhancement and provision of better library service and resources to the clientele.

Author Biographies

Aisha Gul, Library of Congress, Islamabad

Library of Congress, Islamabad

Engineer Qaisar Jamal, Assistant Professor, CECOS University Peshawar

Assistant Professor, CECOS University Peshawar